Obligatory testing in schools

Around 450,000 pupils and teachers are expected to return to school in March – with obligatory testing that should take place twice a week.


The Ministry of Health has recommended antigen tests with a swab from the front part of the nostrils. Children and their teachers would each test themselves. Before the end of the month, 3.7 million tests should be provided for them. On Tuesday, six suppliers contacted the state with a request for an offer.

The testing will be mandatory – otherwise, pupils will have to continue studying at home. However, according to the Minister of Education Robert Plaga (for ANO) this does not mean they would have access to the same distance learning as now. They would be automatically excused from full-time learning in the school. The facilities will be instructed to provide these students with educational support within their capacity.

From March 1, final year students should return to schools. A week later, practical training in secondary schools could resume. And from March 15, ninth-graders preparing for their entrance exams for high schools should go back to school. Right now, only kindergartens, special schools and first and second grades of primary schools are open.


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