Three weeks of tighter measures

The government is preparing for a stricter lockdown, which will include closing all schools, more shops or banning travel between districts.


Due to the rising numbers of newly infected and the presence of coronavirus mutations, the cabinet wants tighter measures for at least three weeks – starting probably from March 1.

To do that, the government needs a further extension of the state of emergency which now ends on February 28. On Friday, it will negotiate with the opposition parties, as the consent of the Chamber of Deputies is needed.

The most important of the new measures will be a ban on travel between districts – with the exception of for example going to work or caring for a loved one. According to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO), the government also plans to close all schools – including kindergartens.

Also from the beginning of March, wearing a respirator would be mandatory on public transports, in shops and other places where people gather. Two surgical masks worn at the same time as an alternative will no longer be allowed. Employers will be obliged to provide their employees with the necessary protective equipment.

Due to the spread of new coronavirus mutations in the country, the mandatory quarantine for people who came in contact with an infected person will be extended from 10 to 14 days. Hygienists have previously stated that they will proceed individually when ordering quarantines for contacts of someone with a suspected virus mutation. They can also put people in quarantine regardless of if they wore respiratory protective at the time of the contact.


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