Slight changes in measures

The government will keep almost all existing measures in place even after the initial deadline of March 21 – with only slight changes.


Starting from Monday, people will be allowed to exercise or make trips to nature anywhere in their district. Right now, these activities are limited to their municipality.

According to the Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for ANO), the epidemic situation has improved in the last three weeks. However, hospitals are still almost at capacities. It is thus necessary to keep the movement between districts limited.

The cabinet intends to limit the movement of people at least until after Easter. This year, Easter Monday will be on April 5. While he does not want to promise anything, Blatný said that it was the government’s intention to relax these restrictions after the holidays if the development of the epidemical situation remains favourable.

To continue these measures, the cabinet will once again ask the Chamber of Deputies for an extension of the state of emergency – at least until after Easter. It now applies until March 28.


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