State of emergency extended again

The cabinet managed to get the approval of the Chamber of Deputies to once again extend the state of emergency until April 11.


In addition to the coalition parties, the Communists also voted for the proposal. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) and the Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for ANO) both hope that this will be the last extension of the state of emergency.

According to Blatný, the state of emergency is needed mainly to maintain the ban on movement between districts until after Easter. The Chamber of Deputies wants to end this restriction on April 6 at the latest. It also called on the government to abolish the mandatory wearing of face masks outside if the person is alone or with members of one household and to allow free movement between Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.

However, the cabinet has already approved all existing measures until April 11. The only exception will be that people will be allowed to attend mass until midnight at Easter. Capacity in the churches will be limited.

The government will discuss easing of restrictions after Easter and set deadlines that it will meet, PM Babiš said. Those involving free movement will end with the state of emergency at the latest, Health Minister Blatný informed. He also reiterated that children would return to schools on April 12 at the earliest.


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