Measures from April 12

Starting next Monday, some shops and also zoos will be allowed to open – and younger children will return to schools.

From April 12, children’s clothing and footwear stores, stationery shops, dry cleaners, laundries, locksmiths, repair shops for household equipment, cars or machines will reopen. In addition, farmers’ markets will also be able to operate.

People will be allowed to gather outside in groups of 20 – inside, the maximum number will be 10. The overnight curfew and the ban on inter-district travel will end. The government also decided that zoological and botanical gardens will resume operation. They will be allowed to fill a maximum of 20% of their capacity and people will only be allowed to visit outdoor exhibits.

Also starting next Monday, primary school pupils from the first five grades will return to classrooms. They will alternate between weeks learning at home and in school. Only preschoolers will go to kindergartens – and they will not have to wear face masks.

The cabinet should announce on Wednesday whether pupils from all districts will resume learning at schools – or if any will be exempted due to the state of the epidemic in the area. The government also approved an additional purchase of antigen tests that should be used in schools twice a week.


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