Possible gatherings change

The Minister of Health intends to propose to the cabinet that the limit for gatherings stays at two people maximum, both outside and inside.


From Monday, a state of emergency no longer applies in the Czech Republic. Several anti-epidemic measures will be loosened. The youngest children will return to school and some shops will be allowed to open. We wrote about the changes here.

Also – people will be allowed to gather in groups of 20 outside and in groups of 10 indoors. The new Minister of Health Petr Arenberger (for ANO) already said on Friday that he did not like this measure which was established earlier in the week – before he became the Minister.

Arenberger’s decision has to be approved by the government which is to meet on Monday afternoon. According to the pandemic law which will come into effect after the state of emergency ends, it is not possible to restrict gatherings. However, after discussing it with lawyers, the ministry wants to base this measure on other laws.

Previously, epidemiologists have criticized the intended loosening of restrictions on gatherings. They consider them to be one of the most effective measures against the spread of the virus. The Czech Sports Union (ČUS) called on the cabinet to at least allow outdoor recreational sports and organized trainings for children with the announced limit of up to 20 people.


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