Upcoming changes in measures

Outdoor seating areas of restaurants, schools, fitness centres or hotels – here is a list of upcoming changes of restrictions in Czechia.


Restaurants, pubs and bars will be able to officially open their outdoor seating areas, starting from Monday, May 17. A maximum of four people will be allowed to sit at one table, unless they are members of the same household. Guests will need to be tested, fully vaccinated or have already had Covid-19 in the last 90 days. The distance between tables will have to be at least 1.5 metres – otherwise, the capacity will not be limited.

Also from May 17, schools will open for all primary school pupils – without alternating weeks learning from home. Secondary school children from seven regions where the epidemic situation is more favourable will also resume learning in schools full time. If the situation allows it, secondary schools in remaining regions will fully open on May 24 – as well as high schools in the whole country.

Zoos and botanical gardens will be allowed to fill their capacity by 50 % also starting May 17. Right now, the limit is 20 % and indoor pavilions must remain closed to the public. This weekend, long queues have formed in front of the zoos. In Prague, the capacity was filled about an hour after opening.

According to the Czech Chamber of Fitness, the government will allow the operation of indoor sports grounds with special restrictions from May 17. The information also follows from the extraordinary measure which has been approved by the cabinet on Monday. There will be a limit of one customer per 15 square metres, people will be allowed to exercise only in groups of two with the maximum of ten people in total in the area. They will also have to be tested, vaccinated or recovered recently from Covid.

Hotels and other accommodation services will open from May 24 – and with no limits regarding capacity. Previously, the cabinet planned to open the hotels earlier but with capacity limited to 25 % – this plan was met with criticism.

From Tuesday, May 11, people over the age of 45 can register to get vaccinated. Next week, the registrations will open from everyone over the age of 40. After that, the government will probably open it for all over the age of 16. PM Andrej Babiš (ANO) previously announced he hoped that everyone would be able to register from June 1.


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