New rules for people recovered from Covid-19

The period for which a person is exempt from several restrictions after recovering from Covid-19 should extend from 90 to 180 days.


According to the Ministry of Health, this change is based on studies showing that even after half a year, antibodies and cellular immunity significantly protects people from catching the coronavirus for the second time. The Czech Republic will proceed with it together with neighbouring countries – for example Germany has already extended the period.

Right now, those who have had the disease in the last 90 days do not need to regularly get tested at work. They also do not have to quarantine if they meet an infected person and on the basis of a doctor’s certificate, they may also visit services – such as hairdressers. They can also enjoy some exceptions when travelling. Others need to prove they are not infectious by getting tested or by being fully vaccinated.

By extending the period to 180 days, the Ministry will also not allow people recovered from Covid-19 to get vaccinated in this time frame. It also wants to change the rules concerning the PCR tests. In the future, they might be valid for up to 14 days, instead of the current 7 days. They also might get cheaper – right now, they are only free for people experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or those who have been in contact with an infected individual.

The antigen tests are valid for 72 hours, and everyone can get a free test every three days. However, the Minister of Health Petr Arenberger (for ANO) previously said that during the Summer, free testing probably will not be possible so often so that people will be motivated to get vaccinated instead.

According to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO), it is also necessary to resolve the situation concerning travel rules for kids who cannot get vaccinated. If other countries will not accept the free antigen tests, he wants to find a way to compensate families for PCR tests for their children. Similarly, health insurance could also pay for tests for children who would need them for example for summer camps in the Czech Republic.


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