Travelling with one dose of the vaccine

People who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the Czech Republic will enjoy easier travel rules 22 days after their first dose.


They will now be able to return from medium- and high-risk countries without quarantine or a test. From Saturday, citizens of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland and Slovakia who have received their first dose of the vaccine at least 22 days earlier will be allowed entry into the Czech Republic without restrictions.

Under similar conditions, these states will allow entry of Czech citizens – with the exception of Slovakia. Bratislava is still negotiating the conditions – but according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jakub Kulhánek (ČSSD), the decision is a formality and can be expected next week.

The next priority for the Czech Minister are the popular tourist destinations of Croatia and Greece. Croatia is currently considered a very high-risk country with stricter restrictions – but it may move to the high-risk category from May 24.

Kulhánek reiterated that Czechia fully supports the creation of a pan-European covid pass leading to mutual recognition of vaccination certificates. Its implementation is expected from July 1. Member states will probably be able to decide whether to only recognize vaccines approved by the EMA or even those approved at national levels.

In the case of Hungary, Czechia has now decided to recognize the certificates of immunity to Covid-19 regardless of the type of vaccine used. In addition to those certified by the EMA, Hungary is also vaccinating with the Russian Sputnik V and Chinese Sinopharm and CanSino Biologics vaccines – as the only EU country.


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