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Pandemic led a musician to make ‘Supernova’
22 August 2020
Dan Reed opened for the Stones in 1990 and now lives in Prague making music and movies. The coronavirus...
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The Mexico Prague Film Festival a week of documentaries and movies in Prague.
21 August 2020
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A Glimpse at The Vinohrady Synagogue Thanks to Modern Technology
19 August 2020
Header Image by Max Stetina Many of us have walked down Sázavská street past the large yellow building...
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2 Czech Movies Nominated for the European Film Prices in 2020
19 August 2020
The Czech film Šarlatán was chosen among the candidates for this year's European Film prices! The...
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The mole, the myth, the legend: The story of Krtek
10 August 2020
From winning over the hearts of people all over the world to participating on a mission to space, Krtek has...
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Babyteeth: Australian film hit in Aero Cinema
09 July 2020
Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest in collaboration with Aero Cinema is proud to present a special screening...
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Czech Republic’s “first-ever” floating 3D-printed house now complete
07 July 2020
The “first-ever floating 3D-printed building in the world”, according to Czech sculptor Michal Trpák,...
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Lada Nayevo - Artist in the Spotlight
06 July 2020
  Can you tell us a little more about yourself? ( where you a from, where you grew up etc..) My...
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Fashioning the Future with Hemp
30 June 2020
Oko!’s guide to sustainable fashion Climate change is happening and we cannot ignore the world’s most...
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Interview With Barbara Benish
22 May 2020
The Driving Force Behind the Dialogue Between Two Countries for the Purpose of Creation Escaping existentialism...
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Reopening of the National Gallery Prague
11 May 2020
On Tuesday, May 12th the National Gallery Prague will reopen three of its main location ( Trade Fair...
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Finding Inspiration in the Time of Quarantine
04 May 2020
As an artist, people often ask me what inspires my work. Every time I’m asked I can’t help but think...
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