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FRENCH TOUCH A special photography exhibition
28 June 2019
FRENCH TOUCH A special photography exhibition  hosted by Cross club and curated by Ernesto Leal (our...
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Artist Spotlight, April Popko
05 June 2019
Artist Spotlight, April Popko The People’s Painter: Bringing Energy, Purpose, and Light     Upon...
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Calling all photographers!
23 May 2019
Calling all photographers! Oko! Magazine is offering you the opportunity to have your work marveled at...
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The headless horsemen of Nerudova Street
17 April 2019
The headless horsemen of Nerudova Street   Like most cities rich in history, Prague has a dark and...
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Photo Reportage Marek Musil
28 March 2019
Photo Reportage Marek Musil   Marek Musil began his career as a grunge musician in the 90s, having...
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Artist Spotlight, Danny Worm
07 March 2019
Artist Spotlight, Danny Worm   Danny Worm is a photographer and fashion designer currently living...
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Naxatras, psychedelic rock from Greece.
05 March 2019
Naxatras, psychedelic rock from Greece.   A little while ago Naxatras played in Prague and it was...
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Artist Spotlight, Anna Venezia
25 February 2019
Artist Spotlight, Anna Venezia Anna Venezia is a photographer from New Hampshire, USA, currently living...
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Artist Spotlight, Ken Nash
19 February 2019
Artist Spotlight, Ken Nash Ken Nash is an illustrator, animator, and songwriter. Ken’s work (illustrations,...
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The Tam Tam Batucada New Album
06 February 2019
The Tam Tam Batucada percussion band releases a new album   This upcoming April the Tam-Tam Batucada...
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