Happening! September 2020
04 September 2020
September has started and as for more and more young folk, the somewhat extended summer holiday seems...
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Dog Days Off, The Best Places to Take Your Dog on Holiday
27 August 2020
Prague is one of the most densely populated European cities – at least, as far as furry friends are concerned....
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Prague's festival organisers unite to create a mega festival.
26 August 2020
In response to the many canceled festivals and events due to the coronavirus, Prague will see it’s first-ever...
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Human Trafficking in the Czech Republic
17 August 2020
Cashing in on Human Despair Human trafficking is not an antiquated remnant of a long-lost era, nor is...
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Czech MMA Slow to the Starting Line, but Making Great Strides
14 August 2020
Cover photo by Jiří Procházka Last year was huge for the mixed martial arts (MMA) scene in the Czech...
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The State of Bees What Can Be Done To Protect Our Pollinators?
07 August 2020
In the summers I spent in the Czech Republic with my grandparents, there was always an abundance of honey....
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Fasten Your E-Seatbelts What You Need to Know About Online Safety & Privacy
06 August 2020
The term “cyber security” sounds so obscure and ominous, the vast majority of people just nod and switch...
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Prague Pride goes digital for it's 10th anniversary
04 August 2020
Due to the global pandemic, Prague Pride has made the difficult decision to cancel the Parade that is...
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Best Czech movies to watch on Netflix this summer - By Kafkadesk
27 July 2020
Sticking around the Czech Republic this summer? Or just looking for movies to watch during those long...
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Puppies in Distress
23 July 2020
Spotlight on Illegal Dog Breeding and Animal Abuse in the Czech Republic Puppy farms are not as harmless...
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To Rent or Not to Rent?
22 July 2020
Covid-19’s Influence on AirBnb and the Rental Market For several months the world has been struggling...
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A Guide to Starting Your Own Company in the Czech Republic
16 July 2020
Whether you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business or simply wish to be the master in your own...
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