About us

Oko! Magazine is a Czech community magazine written in English, both in print and online. Oko! is interested in social events, culture, community, music, art, sport, health, new technologies, established companies, start-ups and their stories and personalities that influence our lives.

Our Readers

F:50 / M:50

Oko! Magazines readers seems to be nearly equally split between those who identify as Female or as Male.

Oko! prides itself in offering quality content of interest to as large of an audience as possible.


of our readers are based in the Czech Republic with the largest concentration of readers being in Prague and Brno.

The other 40% are a combination of Czechs abroad or foreign nationals from all over the world.


Are between 25-34 years of age


Are between 35-44 years of age


Are between 18-24 years of age

Where and When


The printed load is 5000 pieces.
Number of yearly issues 6.
Released at the beginning of every
second month.


The magazine is distributed over 700
locations such as business centres,
cafe’s, hotels, private clinics, medical
facilities, municipalities, embassies,
chambers of commerce.


Readers can pick up their free copy at any location indicated on the online distribution map, at all times an E-version is available on our website.

For an updated map of all locations where you can find a copie of Oko! magazine please visit the contact page of our website.

The Magazine


Traditional marketing is a great way to promote your product, brand or service.
The advantages are that you can easily target local audience, hard copies are easy to recall and recycled and it has a proven high success rate. As Oko!Magazine is being distributed
over 700 locations and with more than 24000 readers we can assure you high visibility.

Standard Advertisement

  • Single Page A4
  • Double Page A4

Special Location

  • Inside Front Cover
  • Centra Spread
  • Inside Back Cover

Native Advertisement

Paid PR articles are a great way to exercise control over the content that is shared to our readers. Not only to showcase your products or brand but also to educate the reader on the benefits and goals. It is a more subtle way to create brand awareness.

  • Pr Article
  • Magazine Insert


Sponsoring is a more subtle way of creating brand awareness. Sponsors have a stronger
and deeper connection with the magazine and the articles.

  • Inside Front Cover
  • Centra Spread
  • Inside Back Cover


Oko! Magazine offers “à la carte” specialized
services such as writing, photography, design as well as social media presence.

Prices are dependent on required services.

For more information please contact marketing@okomagazine.cz

Oko! Online

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is a great way of creating a direct route of traffic towards your own website or landing page 

Oko! Magazine offers different ways to be directly or discretely brought to the attention of our readers.

Monthly www.okomagazine.cz attracts on average  40 000+ visitors who will read between 3-4 articles each and spend a total of 5-15 min on our platform. 

This means a lot of potential visibility for your brand or products.

For precise numbers please contact us at marketing@okomagazine.cz

Banner Advertisements

  • Front Page Parallax Banner
  • Category Page Parallax Banner
  • Article page traditional ad

Pr Advertisement

  • Sponsored article
    An article with interesting information  provided by the sponsor, relevant to their brand or product but not selling directly, the last part of the article will then be used to advertise the product or service as part of a conclusion to the article.
  • Pr Article
    An article directly discussing the benefits/advantages of the advertisers product or service, articles like this will be clearly stated as paid promotions.

For more information please contact marketing@okomagazine.cz

Contact Us

Reach out to us, for information, questions or
suggestions, you can contact us in the following ways:

E-mail : marketing@okomagazine.cz
Phone : +420 775 150 736

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