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Czech Republic’s “first-ever” floating 3D-printed house now complete

The “first-ever floating 3D-printed building in the world”, according to Czech sculptor Michal Trpák, has been completed in southern city of České Budějovice. The unique and stylish structure, whose simple 43-square-meter floor plan includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, is scheduled to be displayed on the Vltava river in Prague in August. The […]

Oko! Magazine

Oko! Magazine Edition 8

 We are very happy to announce that the May / June edition of Oko! Magazine is now available for free online! In this edition, we take a deeper look at the dog-loving culture of the Czech Republic, as well as into the dark side of the illegal dog trade. We talk about the issue […]

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Milan Svoboda, Shaping Czech Culture.

Milan Svoboda Shaping Czech Culture Through Architectural Design   “We have a right to live in a city which is not only well-functioning, but also aesthetically pleasing. We have the right to use public space without any unnecessary problems, and give access to all generations and disabled persons, while also creating a safe and architecturally […]